Launching Season 1 of the Veda Points Campaign

Jun 13, 2024

Jun 13, 2024

Building on Veda's Substantial Growth

We're excited to launch the Veda Points Campaign, celebrating Veda's impressive growth and success over the past four months. In this short period, Veda has achieved significant milestones, including powering Ether.Fi Liquid, a revolutionary Native Yield product that has already attracted over 26,000 users and boasts $750 million in TVL. Additionally, we've recently launched the Super Symbiotic LRT. This remarkable progress highlights Veda's growing significance in the DeFi space.

Veda's Revolutionary Native Yield Layer

For those hearing about Veda for the first time, Veda is designed to democratize native yield, enabling protocols to effortlessly integrate yield for a superior user experience. The Veda platform offers:

  • Configurable Yield Optimization: Flexible strategies managed by DeFi strategists or AI agents.

  • Verifiable Constraints on Capital Allocation: On-chain constraints for enhanced security.

  • Modular and Extensible Architecture: Rapid integration with new protocols and assets.

  • Secure Cross-Chain Operations: Ensuring interoperability and security across multiple blockchains.

Veda solves DeFi’s core challenge: accessibility. By enabling the tokenization of complex sets of DeFi positions, Veda serves as a foundation for protocols, wallets, and exchanges to offer accessible yield products to users.

Introducing the Veda Points Campaign

We are excited to launch the Veda Points Campaign, designed to track your participation within the Veda ecosystem. Points will run for multiple Seasons, with each Season focusing on specific activities within the Veda ecosystem.

Key Details

  • Start: Season 1 begins June 13, 2024

  • How to Participate: Hold the Super Symbiotic LRT (ticker weETHs)

    • Additional Veda products and DeFi integrations may also be eligible for points and will be announced through Veda’s official X account and displayed on the Points dashboard on the Veda website. Please be aware that you will only earn Veda Points during the period when you are participating in qualifying activities listed on the Veda Points dashboard.

  • Eligibility: The Veda Points campaign is geared towards long-term participants in the Veda ecosystem. In addition, participation is unfortunately restricted for users in certain jurisdictions, including the United States. The relevant Veda Points dashboard on the Veda website will be blocked to users in such jurisdictions.


    Veda Points earned = USD equivalent balance * 0.01 * days held.

    A user maintains a USD equivalent balance of $100 dollars of weETHs. They earn 0.01 Point per dollar per day. They participate in a qualifying activity for 30 days and earn 30 Points (100 * 0.01 * 30).

    Please note that this equation does not include potential multipliers that we may announce during the Season.

    As we launch Season 1 of the Veda Points Campaign, we invite you to engage with our ecosystem. Stay tuned for exciting additions to the campaign and opportunities to learn about Veda. Join us as we look to onboard the next billion users.


    Where will Veda Points be displayed?

    Veda Points will be shown on the Veda Points website once you connect your wallet. These points will accrue in real time. Note that the Veda Points dashboard is still in development but we plan to release it soon.

    Risks Involved with Points Earned from Liquidity Pools (LP)

    Please note that the point tracking ratio on liquidity pools is always changing. For that reason, the ratio of points given out is constantly changing. To compensate for fewer points, there may be a boost; please take all of this into consideration if you are trying to maximize points.

    Can I transfer my Veda Points?