Veda Powers Ether.Fi Liquid, Achieving $750M in TVL

May 30, 2024

May 30, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Veda powers Ether.Fi Liquid, a groundbreaking Native Yield product that has already attracted over 26,000 users and boasts $750 million in total value locked (TVL).

A Pioneer in Liquid Restaking

Ether.Fi has emerged as a pioneer in the Liquid Restaking sector, offering the first liquid native restaking solution that simplifies the process for users to restake their ETH on EigenLayer. The protocol has swiftly accumulated over $5 billion in TVL, establishing itself as the largest Liquid Restaking Token (LRT). With over 80 integrations for their LRT, eETH, Ether.Fi has cultivated a thriving DeFi ecosystem. eETH is utilized for various DeFi activities, including lending/borrowing on platforms like Aave and Morpho Blue, DEX liquidity provision on Balancer and Uniswap, and yield trading on Pendle. While this extensive range of options offers endless possibilities, it can quickly become overwhelming for users. Recognizing this, Ether.Fi sought an easy way for their users to participate across their ecosystem.

Qualities of the Ideal Solution

Ether.Fi sought a solution that could simplify access to the best DeFi yields, quickly integrate new protocols, and tap into liquidity on new chains—all while maintaining security.

Veda's Revolutionary Native Yield Layer

Veda was purpose-built to help Ether.Fi and other protocols facing these challenges. Veda is designed to democratize native yield, enabling protocols to effortlessly integrate yield for a superior user experience. The Veda platforms allows for:

  • Black Box Yield Optimization: Flexible strategies managed by DeFi strategists or AI agents.

  • Verifiable Constraints on Capital Allocation: On-chain constraints for enhanced security.

  • Modular and Extensible Architecture: Rapid integration with new protocols and assets.

  • Secure Cross-Chain Operations: Ensuring interoperability and security across multiple blockchains.

Introducing Liquid, Powered by Veda

Enter Liquid, powered by Veda—a one-click solution to access the best DeFi yields within the Ether.Fi ecosystem. With Liquid, users can choose between maximizing ETH-denominated yields across various eETH integrations or earning stablecoin yields through market-neutral exposure. Veda ensures secure access across multiple DeFi protocols and chains, simplifying the user onboarding process. As an example, Liquid allows users wishing to maximize ETH-denominated yield to tap into an evolving set of DeFi positions (12 at the time of writing). In exchange, users receive tokenized DeFi yields directly through the Ether.Fi Dapp, providing an unparalleled user experience.

Enhancing Liquidity and Security

In addition to seamless onboarding, Veda has significantly enhanced eETH's liquidity by strategically directing $190 million through Liquid across decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This initiative has positioned eETH as the most liquid LRT, marking a significant achievement for the Ether.Fi protocol. Furthermore, Veda has integrated IntoTheBlock's risk monitoring system, adding an extra layer of security for Liquid users.

The Future of DeFi with Native Yield

Ether.Fi Liquid showcases the potential of combining Veda's Native Yield Layer with digital assets and DeFi protocols. This collaboration sets a new standard for DeFi products, offering ease of use, enhanced liquidity, and robust security measures. We invite you to tag your favorite protocol that could benefit from Native Yield powered by Veda as we continue to push the boundaries of DeFi user experiences.